Monday, May 4, 2009

Why Buy Local?

I could make an endless list of websites out there that answer this question, so I won't! You can do your own search and see if you want. But if you want a much quicker and simple answer, here is a short list for you. Typical Benefits of Buying Local (especially when the products are food and handmade items):

1. Better Quality
2. Diversity
3. Healthy
4. Community Building
more later...

Friday, May 1, 2009


Welcome to Indiana's premier list of true BUY LOCAL BUSINESSES!.

I have been wanting to start a Buy Local group since last summer, when I found a group in another state (Dane Buy Local - see a link to it here on my blog) and thought it was a great way to help promote local businesses. Now, I am finally doing it here in my home state, and I am very excited!

This list of BUY LOCAL BUSINESSES has lots to offer you! Buying from these businesses means you are buying from your neighbors, which stimulates our local economy and sustains us all. This list is meant to be a service for Hoosier businesses and consumers to gather in support of each other. Eventually I would love to see this grow into more, but for now, I would just like to see consumers and business owners become more aware of what each has to offer the other.

If you would like your Indiana business listed here (service, specialty store, restaurant, farm, etc), please email me so that I can add it here for all to see!

If you are a consumer and want to focus your spending on the local businesses, please use this site to find local businesses.

Lastly, please make a point to share this site with friends and family and anybody you think can benefit from participating here!

All comments and feedback are greatly appreciated!